Fascia & Soffit


At Contract Roofing Solutions (CRS), we provide Georgia and Tennessee homeowners with fascia roof installations and repairs. Fascia works to make sure your gutters stay in place during even the most intense of storms. It helps to prevent water damage by keeping water from submerging into the roof deck and leaking into your attic or the rest of your home.

If you have noticed that little to no ventilation is making its way into your home, that could indicate that your soffits and fascia are blocked or damaged. If the latter is true, you need to consider replacing them right away. When it comes to your gutter and fascia repair, the CRS roofing team takes note of whether or not your fascia is aged or damaged and in need of repairs. Repairing your fascia is best left to professionals like us to ensure your gutters are secure and ready for any storm.

Don’t get caught unawares due to an easily avoidable problem like fascia. Have some peace of mind about your gutters when you contact CRS. We repair your fascia boards and install new gutters for your home’s exterior as needed. Our team can also educate you about your options and how you can care for your gutters before we call it a job well done.

Take care of your fascia, boards, trusses, and more when you work with CRS today. We hold the exclusive license for patented roof wrapping in Georgia, Tennessee, and the Caribbean, and we have a variety of certifications because we’re passionate about what we do. Contact us today!


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